Traffic Records

2018 Identity, Typeface

First use of the Stravinsky Typeface for a record store in Hong Kong.
Whilst my stay in Venice, where the whole architecture world were rushing for the opening of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition; most of which, in my eyes, a mere display of taste, anesthetic and mute; I decided to get on a vaporetto and after a short ride, I found myself at great peace away from tourist masses on San Michele Island, Venices' cemetery island. After a nap under the cypresses I went on to Igor's tomb where I got swallowed by a gorgeous bit of footage, amazing paper cut out like letters immediately draw my attention. I started drawing them, until I've noticed the relief in the stone. I went on transferring the engravings with the bit of color pencils I had left and lying on the tomb, when suddenly a bunch of tourists passed by. Decalcomania on Cemetery.

strav inv2 bw
portfolio 2022-6
traffic 1
strav pencil5
strav tomb v5